What's on in the gardening world?

Add height and structure to your garden

If you think of a garden simply as a flat surface out of which plants grow, you are missing the point! A garden should be a three-dimensional space, filled with colour, texture and form, which yo…u can walk through, look at and feel. All gardens need height to make them come alive and to expand […]

A Timeless Garden … Boortkoi Hexham

This Edna Walling designed garden is one of my all time favourites.  It was designed by Edna in 1937.  I have had the privilege to visit twice.  The first visit while I was studying at Burnley in 2003 and the second 10 years later.  What amazed me; it still had that same feeling on both […]

A play on garden art!

Every year in the Loire Valley, Chateau Chaumont holds a garden festival. This is one of the show gardens in 2010. This shows us that a garden doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy and have some fun.

Salvia leucantha

This is awesome … Salvia leucantha (Mexican Sage) is one of my favourite Salvias.  It flowers for at least 9 months, is bird, bee and butterfly attracting, low maintenance and drought tolerant.  It only needs cutting back once a year when the flowers start to die off and can be divided every 2-3 years.  When […]

What to do in May

Signs of winter may be appearing, but this month still provides time for planting many varieties and tackling a few maintenance jobs.  Take the time and enjoy the stunning camellias in flower, particularly after the belting they have taken over the last few years. Furthermore, autumn colours are well and truly at their best. Plant […]

‘Rocky Stones’ Crucible

I have been working in Janet Paisley’s garden in Barwon Heads for around 4 years and during this time have shared our passion for gardening as well as many philosophic discussions over morning tea.  Janet is a very modest and humble person.  In fact recently I discovered Janet was awarded an OAM for her services […]

Now is the time to prune your apricot trees ..

The only fruit trees which require a defined pruning period are apricots which should be pruned very early in the dormant season as soon as the leaves start to turn yellow.  Apricots can pick up a fungal disease very easily. Try to read the weather to have three or four fine (preferably windy) days so the cuts […]

Creating a Productive Garden within your Ornamental Beds

A way to create interest in your garden is to plant herbs, vegetables and fruit in your ornamental beds.  I was so impressed at the recent Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show where there was little delineation between ornamentals, edibles, natives and exotics. Coming from a European background and growing up in the northern suburbs […]

The Power of Colour

Colour is one of the most potent weapons in a gardener’s armoury.  It can make an enormous impact.  It can stop you in your tracks or it can beckon you onwards.  It can suggest coolness and warmth and it can evoke different moods.  You can use colour to manipulate the sense of space.  Understanding the […]

What to do in April

Brighten up the garden by adding a splash of colour with some red geraniums.  They looked spectacular at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Top up mulch on your vegie patches and ornamental beds, very important for weed suppression.  A hot tip is to mulch after a good soaking rain or water garden bed […]