What to do in May

Signs of winter may be appearing, but this month still provides time for planting many varieties and t003 (2) (1280x719)ackling a few maintenance jobs.  Take the time and enjoy the stunning camellias in flower, particularly after the belting they have taken over the last few years. Furthermore, autumn colours are well and truly at their best.

Plant beetroot, broad beans, carrots, celery, garlic, leeks, onions, lettuce, parsnip (seed), turnip (seed), radish (seed), radicchio, silverbeet and snow peas.

Three plants that can drive you nuts when you’re trying to grow them in spring and summer are coriander, rocket and spinach, as they tend to bolt to seed very quickly. They love the cool weather so put them in now. They grow easily from seed so plant both a punnet for quick harvest and some seeds for later. Parsley is also good for planting now.

Strawberry runners are traditionally planted around now and through winter.