Planting design

To achieve good plant design, is to have a sense of how plants work together in a garden – something which is regularly overlooked.  Most of us often go to our local nursery and buy the plants that look great at the time, without any thought on how they will work within our garden.  The real reward comes from the growing of plants and achieving appealing compositions.

Plant combinations are often the thread which links together the house and the hard landscape and often the surrounding landscape … or borrowed landscape.  It is always best to work with plants that are suited to your environment.

If you need help with plant layout to make sure the plants are in the right place, we can assist with placing out the plants on the ground before planting.  Or if you need someone to plant out your garden or want to do it yourself but need an extra hand with planting, we can help you in your garden by planting along side with you and giving you all the guidance you need to make your garden come to life.

Evolving Gardens can supply you with all the plants you need for your project.  Plants are selected to be of the highest quality.  We are able to find unusual plants that may otherwise be hard to get.

Whatever your plant supply and planting needs are, we can help with large or small projects to make sure you start out with the best quality plants, placed just where they need to be to accomplish the design intent and ensure they grow into a beautiful garden.