Kate Turner's Evolving Garden

Kate, Blackburn

“Every time I look outside our family room window and see our wall of Boston Ivy I think of what a lovely job Helen did for us.  This is just one of many aspects of our garden that Helen created.

Having bought and renovated our first house 7 years ago we needed to start on our garden.  Neither my husband nor I knew anything about gardening.  However I was keen on taking on a new hobby.  We had got a garden design done but not bothered with any plant selections.  A landscaper had done the paving, put in new turf and created some garden beds.  The only plant that remained in our garden was the old lemon tree.   I knew we needed more help with our garden.

My neighbour had a beautiful garden and I asked her about it.  She told me all about Helen who worked with her in her garden.  She gave me Helen’s card and that was the beginning of our story.  Helen came and consulted and said wow what a fantastic blank canvass to start with.

I had created a mood board of pictures from magazines of plants and garden styles I liked.  Helen was great in listening and also bringing forward some ideas of things that we had not considered.  The service Helen provides in selecting the plants and then planting them in and allowing you to work alongside to manage the garden is fantastic.  I have learnt a great deal from Helen and now really enjoy gardening.

Helen’s taste, knowledge and passion for gardening is evident in what she creates.  Thanks to Helen we now have a beautiful outside room that our whole family and friends enjoy immensely.”

Lynn's Evolving Garden

Lynn, Hawthorn

“Eight years ago, I was introduced to Helen by the landscape company that had designed our garden. I knew very little about the care and maintenance required, but I did know I wanted the garden to not only be lovely to look at but also a place that met the needs of a family with three children. The garden had been designed and planted in 2002 and by the time Helen came to work in it, it was beginning to suffer from lack of attention.  Over the next four years under Helen’s expertise, it was literally transformed from being nice but nothing special, into being accepted into the 2008 Victorian Design Fest. The weekend it was open saw around 400 people visit it,  and delight in ‘how much it was not just a showpiece but a family and a gardener’s garden.’

Over time Helen encouraged me to work with her and we spent many hours together, me being the grateful recipient of Helen’s wisdom and vision.

Helen’s move to the Bellarine Peninsula coincided with our decision to sell the house, leaving the garden to another family with young children to appreciate. I have now enjoyed several trips to visit Helen’s new garden down on the coast and this garden truly reflects Helen’s ongoing passion for her work.”

Carol's Evolving Garden

Carol, Point Lonsdale

“With Helen’s advice, we have been developing our garden … and Wow!  Great creative design for our coastal environment.   Helen is easy to work with, a great mentor, knowledgeable and approachable”.