A Timeless Garden … Boortkoi Hexham

This Edna Walling designed garden is one of my all time favourites.  It was designed by EdBoortkoina in 1937.  I have had the privilege to visit twice.  The first visit while I was studying at Burnley in 2003 and the second 10 years later.  What amazed me; it still had that same feeling on both visits.  That feeling is difficult to put into words.  It had energy of peace and calm.  A space that I could sit for hours and it would feel like minutes. This wisteria walk was an inspiration from Almalfi in Italy.  When Edna first arrived at Boortkoi, she found an ancient wisteria trailing all over the ground and decided to support it by building this pergola.  It is 30 metres long by 4 metres wide.  The massive pillars were constructed by filling oil drums with rubble and pouring in cement and sand.  When set they were lifted up to the required height and finished with rough-trowelled white cement.