Add height and structure to your garden

If you think of a garden simply as a flat surface out of which plants grow, you are missing the point! A garden should be a three-dimensional space, filled with colour, texture and form, which you can walk through, look at and feel. All gardens need height to make them come alive and to expand the planting area.  It is the vertical dimension that transforms it from a flat palette into a theatrical experience that gives you new vistas and views at every turn.
The addition of man-made vertical features allows a more flexible, holistic approach to garden design. Such features create an instant sense of scale and provide permanent, all season structure and pleasing contrasts of texture.

My favourite vertical man-made structure is the obelisk. Whether it’s timber or metal, can be used as a focal point, placed in the corners of a parterre garden, or to frame a doorway or entrance. One in the centre or many in a row of a vegetable garden can add a dramatic effect.

An inexpensive way to create a vertical structure is by assembling a tripod using either tea tree branches, bamboo or any recycled branches of equal diameter and height. It’s amazing how you can transform a boring flat garden bed into an eye catching focal point.

Thank you to my gorgeous friend Joanne Leyden of her Obelisk in her beautiful garden!